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Press Release: Maximiti Introduces Mediation to SMEs and their Accountants

Mediation is gaining popularity as an alternative dispute resolution method for SMEs and their business advisers.


It's is almost as if it is one of the best kept secrets of business”

— Rafael Katz

MANCHESTER, LANCASHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 29, 2018 / -- Disputes are an irritating fact of business but all too often the parties cannot be bothered with tackling the dispute and it is kicked into the long grass usually for fear of a costly legal case that will drag on interminably so the "game is not worth the candle" .

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution option that is fast, cost effective and enjoys a high success rate. It is gaining in popularity and with the correct support from their accountants, SMEs could use mediation to their advantage, freeing up lost money and repairing damaged business relationships to the benefit of both the aggrieved parties.

"Currently mediation is not seen as a "go-to" option for small business and we're trying to remedy this" says Norman Younger of Maximiti, himself a trained mediator. 

"It's is almost as if it is one of the best kept secrets of business" , says his colleague and head of mediation at Maximiti, Rafael Katz , "so we've created a series of short videos to bring it right to the boardroom of small business".


MANCHESTER, UK, August 1, 2018 / -- Maximiti is now offering negotiation as one of its niche services to SMEs, primarily through their accountants. The firm has been working for many years in the accountancy sector and is acutely aware that many accountancy firms are needing to reposition themselves as trusted business advisers to their clients in order to keep the edge in a rapidly changing professional landscape.


As well accountants offering their own skills to help their SME clients prosper, many are choosing to work collaboratively with other professions. Now, through Maximiti, their clients can draw upon the skills of trained and experienced negotiators in a wide range of business scenarios.


"The beauty of our offering for the accountant is that he or she can introduce us and work with us to help their clients achieve better outcomes in business negotiations either when pitched against bigger firms or those of a similar size" , says Norman Younger , director and lead negotiator at Maximiti.


He explains that the cost of a professional negotiator will pay itself back quickly many times over and allows the accountant to play an active role throughout the process while gaining the all important kudos for having brought the client and negotiator together.

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