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Press Release: Maximiti launches online mediation invitation tool

Maximiti, a firm of commercial mediators has launched a free online service allowing one of the parties in a dispute to initiate the mediation process

Commercial mediation is growing in popularity due to its speed and cost savings over the traditional legal route. "Most business owners want to run their business not let disputes run." says Rafael Katz, senior mediator at Maximiti.

According to Katz "Often all it takes to bring your counterparty to the table is a simple and honest approach but for some reason people find it incredibly hard to do, so our new invitation tool is designed to make it really easy with a few clicks of a mouse, but remaining businesslike and unemotive."

Norman Younger, director of Maximiti notes that "Mediators need to remain impartial so the more that is done between the parties directly at the early stages, the better the chance the counterparty will turn up to talk."

Most of Maximiti's workload is where shareholders and/or directors in SMEs are not getting on very well and usually they cannot simply walk away from the situation without facing financial ruin so the online mediation invitation has been designed with such scenarios in mind.

Norman Younger was founder of FD Group and spent over 20 years advising on common SME shareholding and director disputes.

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