When there's an accountancy practice for sale there's lots to understand

Let us help you when buying an accountancy practice

See how we'll help you when buying an accountancy practice

  • Identification of requirement - making sure you meet the right sellers
  • Discussion of acquisition options and time scale - optimising your choices
  • Guidance on due diligence - making sure you know what to look for in a firm and avoid problems
  • Discussion of pricing and prevailing market conditions generally and locally - understand prices and deals
  • Targeted marketing to optimise selection - we can "search and source" a firm that is a bespoke match
  • Outline of any specific current opportunities - explain the current market conditions and off-market deals
  • Introduction of your firms to the vendor - making sure vendors understand what you can offer
  • Guidance in practice selection - avoids wasting time on unsuitable firms
  • Profile of vendor to suitable parties - lets you understand the seller's background
  • Screening of vendors - each seller is comprehensively checked out by us
  • Facilitation of meetings - if you need that extra bit of discretion we can act as the go-between
  • Frequent contact with parties during the period of negotiation - we'll keep the talks on track if they get stuck
  • Preparation of documentation - we can guide you on contracts and HoT
  • Liaison with solicitors - we'll keep the wheels turning and make sure the solicitors understand the deal
  • Out of hours contact - we're around evenings and weekends
  • After sales service - we can smooth out post sale bumps and misunderstanding that can arise