Accountants often ignore these 5 simple facts when choosing staff

Accountants often ignore these 5 simple facts when choosing staff

Are there unexplained gaps on the CV?

A CV is a potted history of somebody’s life as it relates to education and employment. Whether they are 20 or 60 it should tell a cohesive story, flow well and assist you in understanding their skills and personality. Do the maths and check all dates and whether the experience is possible to fit into the age group you think they are in, bearing in mind many people omit their age nowadays.

Check out the references – don’t take their word

Plenty of CV’s are stuffed with referees but are they calling your bluff and hoping you won’t follow them up? Firstly, you need to establish the relevance of the referee to their personality, work or educational experience. Secondly you need to ask the referee questions that are pertinent to your requirements. I recall being asked to write a reference for somebody who had little to recommend her but as it was a very general request so I stated a simple truth , that she was always on time for work. Hopefully they read between the lines. As the old Yiddish saying goes …”not said is also said” .

Is the CV well-presented or hastily thrown together?

A good CV is professionally prepared and put together to ensure it tells a compelling story. If they can’t be bothered to spend time on selling themselves how much effort will they put into your business?

Have they researched your business?

It is perfectly reasonable to expect the candidate to have undertaken some basic research on your business, whether it is a basic online search or a thorough trawl through your website. The more questions they have for you, the better.

What does their body language tell you?

It is very hard to conceal a lie or discomfort in an interview unless you are an expert in body language, which most people are not. Tell-tale signs include touching the nose, repeating the question back to you and shifting uncomfortably in their seat. You may not be an expert yourself but if their mannerisms don’t feel right then something is probably not adding up.


And finally…remember that no candidate is better than the wrong candidate

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