Press Release: Only 16% of accountants have had Brexit conversation with clients

Maximiti, leading accountancy practice broker and consultant, has revealed that "the elephant in the room" is not on the radar of small accountancy firms

Norman Younger, FCCA, director and founder of Maximiti admits to being shocked by the revelation.

"For a profession renowned for caution and worry about possible adverse outcomes this was indeed a surprise," he says, but continues to ponder why this is and what it says about the profession.

"Most respondents simply said their clients were too small and a Brexit outcome would not affect them, but I think they are failing to think things through properly by not considering the trickle down effect, or perhaps they steer clear of politics for fear of upsetting the client" says Younger.

He goes on to point out that there are many subcontractors or suppliers to larger entities that will undoubtedly be affected, and states that the odds are on some sort of short term shock. "You only have to look at what the uncertainty is doing out there for many firms and that's before we've left - imagine the uncertainty the morning after" Younger is quick to state.

But for him, the headline statistic is not so much about Brexit but it is a worrying sign that smaller firms are simply not "getting it" that their role to clients is as a trusted business adviser and that their job is to create the environment for questioning both strategy and tactics on a regular basis.
"Nobody sees beyond a business like an outsider - they simply do not wear the blinkers that the owners do, however talented they may be," says Younger.

As a parting comment he declares his Brexit position in the interests of openness - the sooner we're out , the better!