Boardroom disputes resolved - directors, shareholders, partners, managers

Fast, cost-effective and risk-free resolution - get back to running your business

At Maximiti we have SME businesses in our DNA having serviced their professional needs in relation to boardroom issues involving directors and shareholders for over 20 years and know the potential causes and ramifications of business disputes and the importance of fast dispute resolution for all parties. 

Things get lost in translation or a series of unfortunate events jeopardises a business relationship but there is no winner in business disputes, only 2 losers. Short term expediency leads to disputes so we can also help you avoid the pitfalls.

Boardroom mediation resolves disputes between directors, shareholders and partners and mediation is also relevant to general business disputes and disagreements : Customer and supplier disputes ; Employee disputes ; Disputes with professional advisers.  

Resorting to the law should be a last resort. Boardroom mediation between directors and shareholders works in over 80% of cases, saving time, legal fees, aggravation and avoids the inevitable negative publicity that accompanies a falling out. It is fast and risk-free !

Maximiti offers boardroom mediation to resolve director and shareholder disputes and welcomes enquiries from business owners and their professional advisers, with whom we are happy to work with to resolve director and shareholder, or partnership and senior management disputes.