‘When is the right time to sell my business?’ .… “How much is my business worth?”…. “How can I increase the value of my business before selling?”….”How long does it take to sell a business?”

Maximiti’s team has the answers, sharing decades of experience from start-up to plc, understanding people and balance sheets, identifying issues that drive buyers away, and opportunities that you have not exploited, that uplift value. Sellers urgently wanted – buyers waiting!

If you’re selling a business in the engineering, manufacturing, industrial, fabrication, distribution, IT or any other B2B service, we’ll get you the best deal.

Our personal service gives you a single deal manager supported by a director throughout, including out of hours.

You only get one chance to sell your business so get it right and reap the rewards.

You only sell once…get it right FIRST time!

Retirement sale is a journey, not a destination, so you need to get it right from planning to execution.

Succession advice tailored to your needs – personal attention, discretion and top multiples guaranteed. Sellers urgently wanted – buyers waiting!