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Sometimes business relationships stumble
Business mediation fixes it fast

At Maximiti we have small business and accountancy in our DNA. We have lived and breathed them both for over 20 years and know better than most the potential causes and ramifications of business disputes.

Sometimes things get lost in translation or a series of unfortunate events jeopordises a business relationship and in reality there is no winner in a business dispute, only 2 losers.

Business mediation is about helping business owners resolve disputes without ruining their relationship, whether between another business, their accountant or an employee. Better still it involves preventing disputes in situations that if not dealt with adequately leave too much open to misinterpretation  as a result of a short term expediency. 

Resorting to the law should almost always be a last resort. Business mediation works in 80% of cases, and can save a lot of time wasted, large legal fees and untold aggravation through damaging relationships, but equally as crucial it avoids the inevitable negative comments that accompany a falling out.  

With this in mind, Maximiti offers a business mediation service that welcomes commercial dispute resolution enquiries from business owners or via their accountants. We recognise the role a professional adviser has in helping to resolve business disputes and are happy to work alongside them.