Business Negotiation

Rewarding, cost-effective, better outcomes for YOUR business

At Maximiti we have SME businesses in our DNA having serviced their professional needs for over 20 years and know the ramifications of what happens when business negotiations are poorly conducted.


Too often SME owners are inexperienced at negotiation and worse still many fail to recognise this meaning that quick, unplanned, careless or short-sighted concessions means they leave a lot on the table and sell themselves short.


Our business negotiators, who are trained on the world famous Karrrass course and have decades of real world experience between them, can represent or advise you whether it involves  boardroom issues between directors, shareholders and partners ; Customer and supplier matters ; Employee discussions.


In fact we can handle any type of dispute or business negotiation and get you a better deal.


Maximiti negotiators welcome enquiries from business owners and their advisers with whom we are happy to work with to get more out of a deal and leave less on the table.