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Accountancy practice sales for retiring accountants

Sharing 25 years in the profession to get you the best deal. Trust the experts

Do you want to retire from accountancy practice? Stressed with MTD, Workload, Compliance?

Our innovative ideas for accountancy practice sales, and practice succession planning for retiring accountants in the UK will get you terms that other agents struggle to match! 

Trust the experts for your accountancy practice sale - it's all we do and we're focused - 25 years in the profession. We've got all the answers to your questions and loads of useful advice.

We vet buyers to get an ideal match. Found your own buyer? - we'll get you get the best terms.

Personal attention guaranteed from myself, Norman Younger, an FCCA. Video calls available even out of hours and weekends. 

Fees are paid by buyers but we're working for you - we only earn if we do the deal so we've got skin in the game and we're on your side

Call 0800 2800 321 or email [email protected] for a free accountancy practice sale assessment. Buyers are waiting - so why delay?  Check out what other retiring accountants say about us .


Selling your accountancy practice upon retirement it is a life-changing event and we fully understand the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing, not to mention any concerns about your finances as you contemplate the loss of a steady income stream.

Our team members are aware of this and your care is our priority. We'll make sure that the deal we secure for you is the best for your circumstances, not only in the terms negotiated but in the multiple we can achieve for you.

Retirement planning pays dividends so it is worthwhile starting early - don't wait until it is too late as it can take time to get your practice sale-ready,and even if it is "good to go to market", the right buyer might take time to come along.

There are lots of things to consider in the approach to retiring from accountancy practice so have a look at some of the advice and guidance we offer, then give us a no-obligation call (we'll even pay for it) to see how we can help you plan your retirement - it's a journey not simply a destination!