When you sell an accountancy practice it’s probably the first and only time you’ll do it so it’s important to understand how the accountancy practice sale process works to help you get it right. Retiring accountants only do it once.

  • Identification of requirement – the deal will work around your needs
  • Discussion of succession / acquisition options and time scale – we examine all your options
  • Blocks of accountancy fees or complete practice sale – sometimes a phased sale is best
  • Discussion of pricing and prevailing market conditions generally and locally – expert knowledge is critical
  • Targeted marketing to optimise selection – we’ll only introduce potential buyers who are a likely match
  • Outline of any specific current opportunities – some buyers have very specific targets and will pay a higher price
  • Introduction of short listed firms to a seller – having a choice suits some sellers better
  • Guidance in shortlist selection – we’ll assist you in your decision
  • Screening of enquiries – buyers have to register with us and tell us about themselves
  • Facilitation of meetings – we can arrange meetings where you need that extra bit of discretion
  • Frequent contact with both parties during the period of negotiation -we’re on hand throughout
  • Preparation of documentation – we will advise on what you need to show a buyer
  • Liaison with solicitors – we’ll help things move along faster
  • Out of hours contact – we know it is a stressful time and you might have worries so we’re here when you need us
  • After sales service – post sale we can smooth out any issues that might arise

Call 0800 2800 321 or email [email protected] for a free accountancy practice sale assessment. Buyers are waiting – so why delay?